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Parmen Zakaraia

(1916, Najikhavo – 2003, Tbilisi ) 

Art Historian, Archaeologist, Prof. Dr. In 1940 he graduated from the Georgian Polytechnical Institute, Faculty of Architecture. In 1941-1947 he took post graduate training at the G. Chubinashvili Institute of History of Georgian Art and worked at the same Institute as a researcher. In 1948-2003 he was the staff member of the S. Janashia Museum of Georgia, Professor of Georgian Polytechnical Institute and Tbilisi State University (1975 – 2003; in 1975-2001 – Head of the department of Art History and Theory); he was Corresponding Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Laureate of the following Prizes: “Scientific Prize” of the Tbilisi State University (1991), Ivane Javakhishvili Prize (1993), “Prize for the Best Book of the Year” (2002), Honoured Scientist of Georgia.   

Together with the other Georgian architectural buildings (fortresses, palaces) P. Zakaraia has studied and published a considerable number of churches (Tsaishi, Tsugrugasheni, Ananuri, Largvisi and many others). Study of the ecclesiastical architecture was given an important place during the work of archaeological expeditions headed by him (excavations of the Urbnisi city-site – 1953-1965; of the Gremi city-site – 1963-1967; of Nokalakevi – 1973-2003). As a result, Urbnisi cathedral, churches of Gremi and Nokalakevi were published. Under the supervision and with the participation of P. Zakaraia, these monuments were measured and restored. P. Zakaraia is the author of such generalized works as three-volume book on the 10th-18th cc. Georgian domed churches and a vast book on the Tao-Klarjeti churches in Russian. He is the co-author of the textbook of the History of Georgian Architecture. 


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