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Tsisia Kiladze

Born: 1975, Tbilisi
Art Historian, Researcher of the Centre, Ph.D. 

Research field: History of the medieval Georgian mural painting, 19th-20th cc. Georgian easel painting and its relation to the European art. 

Activity: Lectures on the Theory of Art at the Shota Rustaveli University of Cinema and Theatre; Staff member of the Georgian National Gallery and Team Leader of the ongoing project: “Creation of CDs about the Georgian National Gallery;” Member of the German Association of Study of the Christian Archaeology, Early Medieval and Byzantine Culture. 

Address: 62, I. Chavchavadze ave., app. 62, Tbilisi.


  1. Some Peculiarities of the Iconographic Program of “Rising of the Cross” Church in Shiomgvime, Georgian Antiquities, 1, Tbilisi, 2002;
  2. A Portrayal of St. Svimeon the Hermit in the Wall Painting of “Rising of the Cross” Church in   Shiomgvime Monastery, “Kavkasiis Matsne”, N8, Tbilisi, 2003;
  3. Wall Painting of “Rising of the Cross” Church in Shiomgvime Monastery, Abstract of Ph.D. Thesis, Tbilisi, 2005;
  4. Art History of the Book, Introduction, Published by Hans Belting, Heinrich Dil, Wolfgang Kemp, Willibald Zauerlender and Martin Warnke, translated from German into Georgian, Tbilisi, 2005;
  5. Tbilisi Entrances, Tbilisi, 2008.

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