Giorgi Chubinashvili National Research Centre
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Ketevan MIkeladze

Born: 1962, Tbilisi
Art Historian, Chief Researcher of the Centre, Ph.D. 

Research field: History of the medieval fine art. 

Activity: Lectures on the Paleologan mural painting in Georgia at the Tbilisi Academy of  Arts. 

Address: 1, Aragvi str., Tbilisi.   

  1. Depiction of a Mandylion in the 12-13th cc Georgian Wall Painting, “Literatura da Khelovneba”, 3, Tbilisi, 1991;
  2. Reflection of the Legend of the Saviour Mandylion in Georgian Art, collected articles   “A Mandylion Icon in Byzantium and Ancient Russia, 1996;
  3. Murals of David Narini Porch, “Literatura da Khelovneba”, 2, 1999;
  4. Some Peculiarities of the 13-14th cc Murals of the Church Cemeteries, “Dzeglis Megobari”, 3, Tbilisi, 1999;
  5. Historical Portraits in Gelati Monastery Main Church South-East Porch, “Literatura da Khelovneba”, 1, 2001;
  6. Murals of Dmanisi Sioni, “Sakartvelos Sidzveleni”, 7-8, 2005;7. 
  7. A Guidebook for Heritage Evaluation, Tbilisi, 2008, (translation).

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