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The Centre presented documentation for registration to two international societies: RIHA (International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art) and CINA (Comite international d’histoire de l’art). Presumably, the answer will be in 2017.  


The Centre continuous its collaboration with Tokyo Technological Institute in the frames of the project of making measurements and photogrammetric fixation of Georgian architectural monuments. The Centre researchers are M. Gabashvili and D. Chikhlasze.      


(September, 13) A meeting of the director of the Centre and representatives of a Swedish firm Wikidemis was organized in the Centre. They spoke about possibilities and conditions of displaying digital material of Georgia’s cultural heritage belonging to the Centre on the Centre personal site.


In August the Centre researchers N. Chichinadze and E. Gedevanishvili took part in the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine art historians (Belgrade, Serbia).    


In 2016 on the initiative of Curto Art Institute (London, the UK) and financed by the fund of Gett (the USA) a research seminar “Crossing the borders: Christians, Muslims and their art in Eastern Anatolia and Caucasus”. In the frames of the project two seminars were held: July, 6-15 – Turkey (Caiser, Sivash, Divrigi, Erzerum, Karsi) September, 6-15 – Armenia (Erevan, Giumri, Dzogareti, Gorisi). Scientists from different counties (England, Iran, France, the USA, Armenia, Turkey) took part in the project. Among others were two representatives of the George Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation Natia Natsvlishvili  and Natalia Chitishvili. In July-September, 2016 a researcher of the Centre George Papiashvili, who was given a ten week grant from Smithson Institute, went to the Oriental Museum (Washington) and the Brooklyn Museum (New-York) to work in the frames of the project “Photographs of Antuan Sevrugin and their East-West Cultural Context”.     


(April, 26) The director of the Centre had a meeting with the director of the Museum of Icons in Frankfort Rihard Zaharuk and the curator of the same museum Alexandra Neubauer in connection with Frankfort Book Fair. They discussed the possibility of organizing an exhibition of Georgian icons in the museum. The director showed the guests photo material of the best Georgian icons and spoke about their history.